So finally I’m getting around to posting some of my photos and outfits from France, and there are videos coming for you all to enjoy!! I wanted to kick off my French Odyssey with my first full day outfit. I didn’t want to disgrace the blog with my awful travel outfit, because at the end it just wasn’t pretty!! But just in case you’re wondering, I wore a Love is Apparel tank, Topshop leggingsAxxiom Slides (I know, I broke my own never-will-I-ever-rule!), and a school jacket. I also had a Nasty Gal sweater, but it stayed in my bag for the most part. There’s pictures, and maybe if I’m brave I’ll share them as a #tbt….maybe 😉
But anyways, the day we arrived in Roanne, the town where we had our homestay, and the day after, we went to school. I’ve been out for a month so the idea of going to school again wasn’t my favourite, but I didn’t really mind once I was in the classroom. And these 6 years of French have paid off, and I got the gist of what most of the teachers were saying. In the pictures of day to day, there are going to be tons of pictures of me and my friends, since it’d be rude to cut them out. But anyways, on the first day I wore a Tildon drop hem dress (now sold out),  Franco Sarto mules (I knowww another rule broken), and an H&M cardigan (sold out).
The Style Selections: #FlashbackFriday to France: Day 1

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