Every blogger has blogger resolutions and two of mine are about to be combined into one post! One of them was to make a health tab on the blog and the second was to join more blogger challenges and blogger groups! I joined a Blogger WLW (a twitter/blogspot workout group/chat) and I’m excited to post some health tips. They won’t all be workouts, but sometimes health recipies, foods and drinks to try (besides the major one, water) and apps. This post is about apps! I was inspired to write it because I used both while writing this! Yes while. One rep then one parapgraph! Progress right there!
When all of the new workout apps came out for everyone’s New Year’s Resolutions, I jumped on them and downloaded a few. Ive cut down how many I use on my phone to the Nike Training app and the Six Pack app.
The Style Selections: Workout Wednesday

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