So I’m starting a new piece on the blog “New (Insert) Bits” where I will feature a new item that I’ve received or bought recently, and it can be anything, beauty, jewelry, clothes, etc. I will try my best to have them once a week, and keep it consistent!!
Okay but first week!!! I recently was given a bracelet by Chuck-Chucks and asked to do a review on it! Chuck-Chucks are interchangeable jewelry buttons that you can put on or take off of a simple,colored leather band (I know perfect way to kick off they new bits right?) and they are fabulous!! There are tons and tons of charms and for the look of them, the price is not bad at all!! You may have seen this bracelet on my last outfit post, and I loved the charms I picked!
The Style Selections: New Jewelry Bits : Chuck-Chucks Bracelets
Life // Workout Wednesday

Life // Workout Wednesday

Every blogger has blogger resolutions and two of mine are about to be combined into one post! One of them was to make a health tab on the blog and the second was to join more blogger challenges and blogger …
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