I love fun shoots, especially when they’re with my friend Jennifer. She’s my photographer lady and such a lovely person. She makes me laugh and helps me relax while taking pictures, and did I mention that she’s an awesome photographer? Anyways, she did this shoot with me and we had such a fun time shooting this.

B'Ballin B'Ballin B'Ballin B'Ballin B'Ballin

Dress – H&M | Heels – Red Kiss | Hat – Obey (similar)

Okay so I know no one plays basketball in heels, but I decided to put the sports in sportswear and try. I actually did score a few points, even if I was in 4 inch heels! Pretty proud of myself there. I ended up taking off my shoes and attempting a dunk (which I did make), so easy to say, I had a lot of fun and entertaining pictures by the end of the shoot. I did wear some shorts from American Apparel underneath the ensemble, but I wanted to keep the focus on the shirtdress and not on another part of my outfit.

What’s the craziest thing that you’ve tried in heels? I really want to know if I’m the only one crazy enough to do this!! x


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