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For the past few months, I’ve been hearing about The Estee Edit and how great it is. I always have trouble finding good makeup products for my skin for a lot of reasons. Having a darker skin tone makes it hard to find matching products, a problem that I see all the time. When Influenster sent me some products from The Estee Edit, I was a bit skeptical that I would find a shade that matched my skin and my lifestyle. Dear Estee Lauder, you’ve won me over! The Hat Logic - Beauty Attitudes with The Estee Edit The Hat Logic - Beauty Attitudes with The Estee Edit

The four products I received from The Estee Edit are the Flash Illuminator, the Pore Vanishing Stick, the Beam Team, and The Barest Lip Colour. In all honesty, as a beauty newbie, these were all products that I love and have really blended into my makeup routine. Any products that can stand up to the Atlanta humidity and withstand that deserve a standing ovation in my book. The entire edit has a blue theme (already bonus points for my favourite colour), so I was keen to test each one out.

The Hat Logic - Beauty Attitudes with The Estee Edit I really loved the lip colour because as it says in the name, it really is like bare skin. My lips didn’t feel dried out by the lipstick, which is really hard to find, especially for darker skin tones. I’ve been looking for a good nude colour for my skin and this one takes the cake. Blue and gold were the themes that I found in the edit, so I decided to explore my obsessions with those and the products from the edit work so well with this theme!The Hat Logic - Beauty Attitudes with The Estee Edit

The Estee Edit Flash Illuminator || The Estee Edit Pore Vanishing Stick || The Estee Edit Beam Team || The Estee Edit The Barest Lip Colour 

Each of the other products has a slight glimmer to them, which is understated when mixed with foundation, but helps give your face a glowy look all day. When I put the Beam Team on my skin, I felt like a golden goddess all day! The slight shimmer on my cheeks looked amazing in the selfies and other pictures I took during the day and never went away even after I reapplied my foundation later on in the day. Hydration is a bonus that I found in all of the products, so I think that Estee Lauder wanted to provide a product that was able to hydrate the skin, but also maintaining the best looks possible. I didn’t feel as if my skin was caked with makeup and my skin looked dewy and glowy all day.

I’ve checked out the other products in the range and I love how diversity was in mind during this entire edit. The Estee Edit has done an amazing job at providing products for every skin tone, which is one of the bonuses of Estee Lauder as a brand. I don’t know many makeup brands who really take the time to diversify their product line, but Estee Lauder has done just that! I’ll definitely be heading to Sephora and checking out more of The Estee Edit line, so stay tuned to see what I pick up!The Hat Logic - Beauty Attitudes with The Estee Edit

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I really did love testing out these products from Influenster, but all of the opinions that I’ve just shared with you are mine and mine alone!


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