Beauty: Dead Sea Mud Mask

I have a friend who always tells me that my face is super soft, like a baby’s bum to be clear. It’s not easy getting it that soft, and I take it as a compliment when she says it. I’ve got a new way to help me get my face clean and clear and BOY, it’s helpful!!

Beauty: Dead Sea Mud Mask

Beauty: Dead Sea Mud MaskBeauty: Dead Sea Mud MaskBeauty: Dead Sea Mud MaskBeauty: Dead Sea Mud Mask

Face Mask – Pure & Essential Minerals*

I have never used a face mask before, never had a facial, or really used anything on my face besides cleanser. Being the first time, I was a bit hesitant to use this on my face, but decided to go for it and just use it! The mask smells like peppermint and sea salt, which is a nice smell during the 5-10 minutes that I leave it on my face. The instructions say to use it once a week (even though I used it twice in one week), and after 1 use, I can already tell that my face is softer and brighter.

The mask dries and is easy to take off with a wet rag, which is PERFECT for a quick morning when I need to clean and soften my face. Gotta keep that skin smooth eh? So maybe you all should try it and tell me what you think!!! You can buy it here, so go for it and let me know in the comments below when you get it! I’d love to know if anyone else gets it!


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