Blogger Meetups + Beauty Attitudes w/ The Estee Edit*

Hey everyone!! This past weekend, I hosted my very first blogger meet up! I’m the Atlanta Regional Director for Black Bloggers United and I decided to vlog my day and show you all what I got up to on Saturday. From late night events to afternoon photoshoots, my day was pretty eventful so check out the vlog and let me know what you think! Plus, I wore makeup from The Estee Edit on my face all day, so you get to see first hand how it held up in the heat!


00If you’d love to follow me on Snapchat and see me shooting flatlays all day or going about my day, my snap code is on my sidebar or you can add me by username: jordantsnap! Also, you should show some love on my Bloglovin page!

I really did love testing out these products from Influenster, but all of the opinions that I’ve just shared with you are mine and mine alone!


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