Body Representation Doesn’t Just Come in 2 Shapes

Body positivity and body representation have been major topics in the last few years and as someone whose weight has fluctuated to both sides of the spectrum, I’m all for it. Body positivity  allows for women, no matter their shape or size to be applauded just for being themselves. The one thing I am noticing though is that you’re either super fit and slim OR you’re curvy. There’s no in-between, but as someone who falls in that in between sector, it sucks. The Hat Logic - Body Representation Doesn’t Just Come in 2 Shapes

Now, don’t get me wrong. You can’t have everyone represented all the time and as the average woman in the US is a size 12/14, I completely support showing everyone that no matter what size you are, you’re just as gorgeous as any of the girls who strut their stuff down the VS Runway every year. The media only portrays 2 body types, but what about all of those people who fall in the middle?

The Hat Logic - Body Representation Doesn’t Just Come in 2 Shapes

I am a size 4/6 in tops and dresses and anywhere from a size 8-10 in bottoms. Sadly no, there’s no Kim K but that explains the difference, but I played sports most of my childhood, so my quads are larger than most peoples’. Also, I do know that there is no amount of exercise that can make me look like one of the popular IG models or a runway model, I’m just too short. I’ve come to terms with it and right now, I’m exercising to maintain how I am right now and to make myself happier.The Hat Logic - Body Representation Doesn’t Just Come in 2 Shapes

I love my body, just as you should as well. Just because the media doesn’t show your body type does not mean that you aren’t worth the world. Being a size 6 doesn’t mean that you’re not as cute as the size 0/2 or as sexy as a size 14. You’re great just the way you are, so don’t let anyone ever tell you anything different. I would love to see a more widespread representation of bodies across advertisements just to remind me and remind people who are younger, but went through body issues like me that there is a whole group of women with the same body as you, and you’re just as awesome.The Hat Logic - Body Representation Doesn’t Just Come in 2 Shapes

Having a six-pack doesn’t make you better than me. You just happen to have a higher metabolism, have more time to exercise, or I eat like crap. In all honesty, all of the above are probably true. If you have a body that’s larger than mine, it doesn’t make me better than you. All it may mean is that we have two different body types that function completely differently, I may have more time to exercise, or so many other reasons.

The Hat Logic - Body Representation Doesn’t Just Come in 2 Shapes

Our bodies are special and they are all beautiful, but at the same time, brands need to know that body representation is no just on the opposite sides of the spectrum. There’s a whole host of people who aren’t those and personally, I think it’s time that we remember that. You don’t have to agree with me and you can think I’m a self-centered whiny blogger, but this is my real opinion and just as we all want an increased level of race representation (which is in no way the same thing as body representation), we need an increased level of body representation.The Hat Logic - Body Representation Doesn’t Just Come in 2 Shapes


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  1. May 26, 2017 / 2:46 pm

    Such an important post. I completely agree. I had my annual pap today and when I got on the scale I realized I had gained 5-8 pounds..A younger me would have totally shamed myself, how could I have let that happen???? You know what I’ve realized. The happier women are with who they are and what they are doing with their lives the less time they spend obsessing over their weight. At least in my personal experience. When I was on the much thinner side I was never happy, I was always stressed and lost weight because I was going thru something. Maybe it is the same for? Now I am happier much happier, and so what I’m 5-8 pounds more…WHO CARES?? 🙂

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