Hey guys!!
So a few weeks ago, Ruby Zhang, from Vain Pursuits, contacted me asking if I would want to receive their kit and test drive their process! I’ve been trying to find new beauty/facial care products to keep my face looking nice, so of course I obliged!!
Vain Pursuits is North America’s first customized skin care service, and its entirely up to the consumer what you receive. Every one of their products is completely natural, and the company is based in Canada but ships everywhere in North America.
The Vain Pursuits process is amazingly simple!!  First, you fill out their Vain Profile, which is a simple Google form, and you tell them about your face, what’s your current routine, what you would like to change or keep from appearing in the future, etc!
Then, they send you a personalized 3-cream kit  for you to test drive, and you fill out another form detailing what you liked or didn’t like about the set you received! Each I got The Peacekeeper, Tough Girl, and Soft-Spoken in my kit, and  I loved each of them!! They come in the box you see below, with 

The Style Selections: New Beauty Bits: My Vain Pursuits Kit

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