Identifiers. They label us and present a version of ourselves to the world around us that the world before they get to know us. For me, my general identifiers at the moment are the 5 you see in the title of this post: Black, Woman, American, Blogger, & Student. At this moment in time, these identifiers rule my life. They permit whether or not I get a job, where I can live at the moment, the activities¬†I can partake in, my life in general. But your main question may be, why is race the first identifier for me? Because it is the first thing anyone sees and it categorizes my experience in this world, especially in America. Race has defined how I experience life and in today’s world, I can’t escape the notion of how race plays a role in every other identifier and my experience in the world.The Hat Logic - Black, Woman, American, Blogger, & Student, black women, black bloggers, female bloggers, fashion bloggers, fashion bloggers honesty, honest bloggers, lifestyle blogger, black female blogger, atlanta blogger, for love and lemons, revolve, aspen cierra photo, self-love, race relations, black girl magic View Post