Day in and day out, people ask me¬†how to start a blog. Whether it is from a friend, someone who follows me on one of my social accounts, or just random people who want to know how I do it, I get the question of how to start a blog A LOT. I take it in stride and answer everyone’s questions as they come up. I love talking to people and giving them advice on how to create something they want to do, especially if it helps them find a passion.

I love to blog myself and when I started this blog almost 3 years ago, the industry was already saturated. The blogging industry is overly saturated today and it’s essential to stand out. I’ve got some tips that will help you stand out as you start a blog and streamline the process so you can create the best quality as quickly as you can. In exchange for a video today, I’m going to give you 10 essential tips to help you start a blog with your feet hitting the ground running!The Hat Logic - How to Start A Blog (Successfully)

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