Welcome to 2017! I can’t believe that a new year is already here and in doing so, I gave myself a challenge! I’m going to be replacing 1 of the 2 videos that I post a week to a weekly vlog! This is the first week and I’m really hoping that I can make it the entire year! These weekly vlogs will showcase a lot of different things and I’m hoping to use them as a window into my life for you all!

They won’t be the same boring thing and I will definitely try and switch it up! For the next few weeks, I will be vlogging via my phone, because my Olympus is in the shop (hopefully to be fixed and returned ASAP). I really only vlogged when I was on a trip, but I feel like I can really do this! I’m excited to start this, so feel free to watch the bottom one below! I was fortunate enough to do some really fun things this week (like shooting on rooftops and going to Miami) and I’m excited to share them all with you!!