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So one of the things that I love about fashion is my ability to combine different trends and make them my own. Everyone who has been following me long enough knows that my style is never the same and can go from super girly and dressed up to incredibly relaxed in a day or so. I love to combine trends and have been doing so for ages now, but recently, Farfetch asked me to come up with a wishlist of items to showcase the trends I’m falling for, but also to show some inspo on how to combine these!! I’ve got a brand new wishlist for you all from Farfetch to help you nail these trends and I think you’re going to love them as much as I do already!

The Hat Logic - Combining the Top Trends of SS16 with Farfetch

So out of 4 of the major trends, I’ve chosen my top three: Ruffles & Romance, the infamous Cold Shoulder, and the Boudoir/Pyjama-Style Trend. These three trends are without a doubt my favourites and in little ways, you’ve seen them pop up already! On my wishlist, I have 3 amazing items that I feel completely encapsulate the idea of these three trends off of the Farfetch site that you can see above and shop below! First up is this Martha Medeiros Marescot Lace Blouse! This blouse is perfect to me because it captures two of my favourite trends, the cold shoulder and the romance, but puts it all into one beautiful piece. The white of the top allows it to be easily paired with just about anything, not to mention, it’s beautiful on its own. It can be dressed up or down, and personally, I’d wear it out and about with friends with these YSL shorts, Chanel bag, Dior sunnies, Maison Michel Hat, and Saint Laurent ankle booties. I actually have a top just like this, so I may put together something like this and pop it up on the blog so you can see my idea in real life action!

Next is this David Koma Cold Shoulder Ruffle Playsuit. Again, this playsuit makes the best out of two of my favourites, the cold shoulder, but this time, more ruffles than romance. While the colour alone is enough to make me splurge on this David Koma beauty, the elegance of this playsuit mixed with the subtle sexiness of the playsuit is what draws me in. The ruffles hide some skin and give it a bit of a feminine edge, while the cold shoulder will help keep cool during the warmer months while letting you look chic as ever! I’d pair this with these Linda Farrow sunglasses, Alexander Wang backpack, Maison Margiela ankle boots, and various rings and wear it out shopping with friends or even with a lower heel at a festival, bobbing up and down to the music!

Last but not least is the pyjama trend, showcased beautifully in this Equipment Pajama Shirt. I love the simplicity of the pyjama trend and although this may not be exactly what you think of when you think boudoir/pyjama, it’s just as comfortable as that lace cami that you’ve been lusting over for months. The pyjama trend is great for traveling and for everyday wear without looking sloppy or not put together. Even though I can’t wear my ACTUAL pyjamas out in public, this is just like it, but better!! This shirt from Equipment is the perfect colour and shape to wear on that day when I’m not feeling like getting dressed seriously, but I can wear it with anything! I’d pair it with these Helmut Lang leather leggings, Valentino mini bag, Dior sunnies, and Saint Laurent shoes in order to dress it up with the half tucked in, half untucked look, but I’d also wear it with a nice pair of black sneakers and wear it to class and just look put together without trying!

I love trying new trends and if I can help you all check out these new trends, it’s all worth it! I hope I could provide some good inspiration and plus, you can shop the post below! x

*This post was not sponsored by Farfetch, but they did kindly ask that I create some inspiration with their products.*




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