How to Survive a Rainy Day in Bath

Okay people, newsflash…it’s England. It rains a lot, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t enjoy your time. For one out my two days in Bath, it drizzled or slightly poured the entire day, but since I only had 2 days, I had to tough it out, but you know what? It wasn’t even that bad! I’ve come up with my 5 best tips on how to survive a rainy day in Bath!

The Hat Logic - How to Survive a Rainy Day in Bath


  1. First up, if you didn’t come prepared for the weather like I did, go pop into one of the many shops along the area next to Bath Abbey and the Roman Baths and pick up an umbrella. I bought one of the cheesiest, stand out umbrellas, but I don’t regret it for anything. It got the job done and it was only £5!
  2. Grab lunch by Stall Street and the Bath Abbey! One of the best ways to lift spirits is with food, or that may just be me. I definitely recommend grabbing a bite to eat to get out of the rain until it lets up! The Hat Logic - How to Survive a Rainy Day in Bath
  3. Getting lost by the river Avon is something you have to do in Bath. I know, I know….at this point, you’re tired and your shoes may be a bit soaked, but just give it time. Follow the river across the bridge and just walk alongside it till you get to Parade Gardens and I promise, it will be so worth it! There is a lot of tree coverage, so you won’t get as wet as you may expect and you also get a great view of the city.The Hat Logic - How to Survive a Rainy Day in Bath
  4. Best way to get out of the rain is to duck into every museum and church possible. Most do have a fee, but places like the Royal Victoria Gallery are free to enter, so take advantage of it and take a well-deserved break from the rain! There are plenty of museums and churches in the city to keep you busy and away from your hotel room in Bath, so take care and enjoy going into each and every one til you explore them all! The Hat Logic - How to Survive a Rainy Day in Bath
  5. Okay, I say this with love, but after you’ve done these 4, you need to stop worrying about the rain and just enjoy your time. Bath is a beautiful city and when it rains it almost gives it even more charm. If you sit inside all day just because of the rain, trust me, you’re missing out.

The Hat Logic - How to Survive a Rainy Day in BathBath is truly a beautiful place, so if you want to enjoy it, you may encounter the rain! That’s not a bad thing, but just be prepared for it and you will have an amazing time in Bath no matter if it rains or shines!

This post was created in conjunction with Visit Bath, who kindly provided a media pass to explore the city during my trip! I loved my time in Bath and these are my thoughts and ideas with no outside interference.



  1. July 4, 2017 / 9:12 pm

    This is one of the places I want to visit. One of my classmates is from Bath and told me such wonderful stories. Glad you enjoyed yourself even with the rain.

    Aitza B |

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