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 Seems like most women thought the same way! People across the globe have been raving over jogger pants, a simple pair of pants that are some of the most versatile pants a woman can own. The Hat Logic - I saw Beyoncé Wearing Jogger Pants, so I Bought Jogger Pants

Celebs such as Beyoncé, Rihanna, or Lala Anthony (all pictured above) are all followers of this fashion trend, and they show how versatile the pants can be. I will continually call them jiggers, because I know the UK term, and I don’t think America has a term for these, so joggers it is! Joggers can range in price, from $25 pair from Forever 21, to a $1,200 pair of crepe Gucci pants. Joggers come in all patterns and fabrics, so it’s possible to find a pair for any occasion. Below are some ways I would style joggers, some more casual than others, and some for a fun night out.
The Style Selections: I saw Beyoncé wearing jogger pants, so I went out and got jogger pants.
Joggers to me are simply a fall wardrobe essential. The endless amount of outfits I can style with just one pair give me the freedom to do what I want with a simple pair of pants, and ones that won’t break the bank in the process. Having the ability to have a pair of pants that I can use for school, work, going out with friends, or out on a date and not freezing in the process makes joggers appealing to me, and I’m a big fan of prints, which makes them even more lovable. I own a Forever 21 pair, and you will surely see them in an ootd, because they are gorgeous pants.
I hope you enjoyed reading my rambling about joggers and I will do more trend posts in the future!
Image credits other than the set: Lala, Rihanna, and Beyoncé; Beyoncé; more Beyoncé

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