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Eating healthy is one of the major things that I’m doing differently in my life this summer. Other than working out just about every day, I’m starting to find places in Atlanta that serve healthier food. I kicked off the summer with a pop into Kale Me Crazy, a healthy, superfood cafe! I stopped into the one in Decatur, but found out that they have so many locations in Atlanta. Kale Me Crazy has anything that a California born person would want, but with a couple tricks up their sleeve that totally make it a cafe to stop into if you have a chance! The Hat Logic - Kale Me Crazy All Day Long

The Hat Logic - Kale Me Crazy All Day Long

The South is known for its food, but in all honesty, we know that the food from the South may not be….well, the healthiest. Well Kale Me Crazy is a good change for me. The one I went to is in the heart of Decatur, one of my favourite spots in Atlanta. I found a juice that I love called “Pear-adise” and they also serve amazing 1,3,5 day cleanses, which is basically unheard of in Atlanta. There is a rise in the healthy trend in Atlanta and this is a great place to start in my opinion. The Hat Logic - Kale Me Crazy All Day Long

If you’re obsessed with acai bowls like most people, Kale Me Crazy is the best place in the city that serves these bowls. They have 2 different bowls, along with a host of other items to eat and drink. The menu is filling, but healthy, and they are taking over Atlanta with a grand total of 8 juice bars across the city. If you’re as ready as I am to be apart the juicing craze, then head to Kale Me Crazy. I promise you won’t be disappointed. The Hat Logic - Kale Me Crazy All Day Long The Hat Logic - Kale Me Crazy All Day Long

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