Life // It’s My 19th Birthday!!

Wow can you believe that it’s been another year? I really can’t and I still remember writing last year’s post like it was yesterday!!! I’m 19, so I’m in this weird limbo period of adulthood and I love it but I also don’t know what to do with myself!! My post last year was all about reflection and finding myself, but this year, I want to celebrate a little! So I went out, bought some balloons in the numbers 1 & 9 and thought I should celebrate my birthday in style!! I’m only 19 once, so I’d better enjoy it!! I won’t even go into how long it took to get these balloons right! Just because I’m 19 doesn’t mean I’m the best at numbers still!

The Hat Logic - It's My 19th Birthday!!

The Hat Logic - It's My 19th Birthday!!

Garage Clothing Sequin T-Shirt Dress // Rag & Bone Navy Floppy Fedora // Steve Madden Gorgeous Over The Knee Boot

It’s insane to think how much my life has changed since my last birthday. I’ve been fortunate enough to see my 19th birthday and in the 365 days since the last one, I’ve done some pretty cool things. I’ve travelled across the globe, met new people who have become great friends, and learned so many things about myself and the world around me in ways I can’t even put into words. I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone and found my passion, while meeting people who can help me become a great force in this world.

The Hat Logic - It's My 19th Birthday!!

Okay so enough with the reflection, here’s to a celebration!! I’ve got 366 (since this is a leap year) more days to make my 19th year amazing and I’ve got amazing things planned. I’m hitting New York, Spain, England, France, and so many other countries this year for vacations both solo and with others. I’m planning on expanding, rebranding, and posting more than ever before, both on my blog and on my Youtube channel. Tomorrow, I’m going to post a short video of my highlights from my last year as a reflection on the next year, so click over to my channel here and subscribe so you get notified of the video’s posting! I’m going to follow my passion and take more photos than ever. I’m going to celebrate doing what I do best: fashion, blogging, and photography. When I go out, I’m going to do as I please and love doing it because it puts a smile on my face. I’m going to meet new people and find out how to make it to my dream cities, where I know I belong and want to spend the rest of my life. It’s time to enjoy my life, I’m only young for so long physically (I’ll be young forever trust me), so I have to take these precious years and enjoy them to the best of my ability!!! I hope that everyone really does the same because it’s time we all started enjoying life. I hope you have a great day, and I’ll do the same!! xx


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