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Hello everyone!! I hope you’re all having an amazing weekend, I know I am!! I’m busy being a travel bunny, buy I didn’t want to leave without sharing some of the fun stuff I experienced at home! If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I finally got to experience Warped Tour last week and the amazing Depop let me be a part of the #DepopStreetTeam for Warped Tour! How crazy is that? Well it was new and exciting for me and I had a lot of fun!!

The Hat Logic - Warped Tour with DepopThe Hat Logic - Warped Tour with Depop The Hat Logic - Warped Tour with Depop The Hat Logic - Warped Tour with Depop

ASOS Fedora with Chain Detail (similar) | Vintage Tank (similar) | Vintage Levi’s Shorts | All Black Low Converse 

Okay so first off, Warped Tour was freaking amazing! If you’re wondering where all the glitter I have on me came from, there was a guy running around in a Speedo COVERED in glitter and he high-fived me and gave me some glitter to spread around. He earned the name “Glitter Fairy” pretty quickly from me and it was so much fun to see how easygoing people can be at a festival. I got to see a bunch of performers and I just wandered around for a while! It was cool to go from dubstep to screamo music with a few steps and it definitely took me away from the music that I normally listen to. I think my favourites were Chris B, Our Last Night, Pierce the Veil (one of the headliners), and Night Riots. The music could be heard across Lakewood Amphitheatre and I’m pretty sure that I lost my hearing for a day. It was such a fun environment to be around because there were no worries or bad things that could happen.

The Hat Logic - Warped Tour with Depop

I handed out about 50 of those little cards that you see in the picture above at Warped Tour as part of my participation in the #DepopStreetTeam and people seemed pretty interested in learning more about Depop! I was blown away by all of the different styles I saw in the hours I spent at Warped Tour and the amount of tees/backpacks/tanks/bags/etc. that were being sold that day was immeasurable! Speaking of tees, I picked up 2 pretty cool ones at Warped Tour and decided to sell one on Depop!! I’m selling a really cool Pierce the Veil tank right here so click on the link or the picture and it’ll take you straight to it!!

The Hat Logic - Warped Tour with Depop

I had an AMAZING time at Warped Tour and I’d like to thank Depop again for letting me be a part of their Street Team!!


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