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Flair. It’s hard to come by in the blogger scene, especially when trends change so quickly. Personally, I don’t have the funds to keep spending hundreds or thousands of dollars chasing trends. I love trends, but I also love wearing what I like to wear. Fashion is all about being comfortable in what you’re wearing and for me, a simple striped shirt partnered with a simple bottom. I’m comfortable in this outfit, despite the sky-high heels.  I think that you really have to find the flair that you’re the most comfortable in, but one that also people like to see. For me, the striped flair is what brings that! The Hat Logic - A Little Striped Flair The Hat Logic - A Little Striped Flair

I want you to think of the last time that you saw a fashion blogger reuse items in a post. Like really think about it. I honestly can’t think of one post in the last few weeks where something other than shoes or a favourite accessory was reused, but in this post, if I didn’t say anything, would you honestly realize that? Or would you realize that all of the pieces in this post are reused?

Lots of questions here, but at the same time, I can’t blame anyone! If I had the money or people sending me the clothes, I would gladly accept and create constant content where I didn’t reuse old clothes. The Hat Logic - A Little Striped Flair

Forever 21 Mod Striped Shirt (similar) // Missguided Skort Playsuit (similar) // ASOS Fedora with Chain Detail (similar) // Steve Madden Marlene heels (similar) The Hat Logic - A Little Striped Flair Let me talk to the clothes for a minute here! A little striped flair.  In my personal opinion, stripes can make or break an outfit. When worked the right way, a striped shirt can take your outfit from sitting around the house doing nothing to stepping of the plane in Cannes effortless glam in seconds. I really love this Forever 21 shirt because it lets me play around and test the waters with what I like and don’t like and when pairing it with this skort playsuit from Missguided, I really think it’s a winner! You’ll probably end up seeing this shirt again soon since I’m doing a series with it, but for now, enjoy these photos!  The Hat Logic - A Little Striped Flair The Hat Logic - A Little Striped Flair Follow me on Bloglovin’!!! Plus I’ve got a snapchat now that you can follow by username (jordantsnap) or by the snapcode on my sidebar!!


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