Music Business: Imagine Music Festival

Music festivals are a rare event in Atlanta. We’re not like London, with 7-10 festivals per summer, but when we have a festival, we go ALL OUT!!
Now I’m here to tell all the people in Atlanta, or those who can get here for Labor Day Weekend about this new festival that I came across, one that’s been going on for years actually! It’s Imagine Music Festival, held every year in the heart of Atlanta, this year at Historic Fourth Ward Park, Masquerade Music Park, and Clear Creek Basin! 

The Style Selections - Music Business: Imagine Music Festival
The festival has a FANTASTIC lineup of:
The Style Selections - Music Business: Imagine Music Festival
I am a lover of electronic music, when I study, I listen to EDM. The beats are amazing, and there’s never a dull day! EDM is electronic dance music and with my new knowledge of this festival, I couldn’t resist finding out more!! There are countless pictures of last year’s festival and the venue, filled with people partying and just enjoying life! The tickets are a mere $125, which is fantastic for 2 days of music and fun. The festival has 3 stages, food, free water, a relax zone. There are Cirque performances, world-class musicians, and special effects that create a jaw-dropping 360-degree experience!
The Style Selections - Music Business: Imagine Music Festival
The Style Selections - Music Business: Imagine Music Festival
The Style Selections - Music Business: Imagine Music Festival

The festival is produced by IRIS, a group who creates fantastic festival all over the Southeast. IRIS has won multiple awards, including Best Dance Music Club, Best Local Promoter, and Best Nightlife Event. Below I’ve included a map of the festival, just to show you all JUST how large 15 acres can be, along with the schedule so you can see how many shows can be packed into 2 days! 

The Style Selections - Music Business: Imagine Music Festival

The idea of a festival that is 360-degrees of pure lights, music, colors, and actions is mind-blowing and it is IMF in a nutshell! Okay, so now onto the nitty gritty stuff!
The festival is 18+, so for my younger Atlanta festival goers, I’m so so so sorry!! I wish you all would, and could go, BUT I will post lots of pictures for you all. The festival runs from 12,noon to 11pm, with an afterparty after BOTH days that last until 3AM on the first night, and 4AM on the second!! There is no camping, but since the event is downtown, there are plenty of hotels near enough to the site that you can find one for cheap! What not to bring: glass, weapons, paint, fireworks, drugs, fires, bikes, scooters (things that move really fast), professional cameras, pets, coolers, generators, gas, kegs, or outside food, BUT feel free to bring camelbacks, glow gear, and “awesome totems” to enjoy the festival with! They really are strict about the drugs and illegal substances, so DON’T BRING THEM! This will happen rain or shine, so PLEASEE bring a parka or rain coat so you can still dance without the hassle of an umbrella.
Well that was a spiel, wasn’t it?
Below is a video of what is to come to Atlanta this Labor Day weekend, and now Atlanta, ARE YOU READY?!
Buy your tickets here and I can’t wait to see you all there! 
If you need more information about the afterparties, click here! 
If you need more information, click here and for the regular website, please click here! 



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