Music // Imagine Festival 2015

I always talk about music festivals and now it’s time to hit up one of my favourite ones again!! I went to Imagine last year and now I get to go again! It’s the largest electronic music festival in Atlanta and with the new lineup just coming out, it’s bound to be a smash this year! If you missed my post from last year, you can read it here or you can watch the super cool coverage video from Iris Productions!
The Hat Logic - Imagine Festival 2015So as you see above, the lineup is HUGE. Imagine is 2 days so this is bound to be 2 days full of fun and great music. Last year, I attended part of day 1 and most of day 2, but I felt like I was missing out. With more time on my hands now, I can attend both days and get the full effect of it! I’ll be sure to vlog THE ENTIRE thing because who doesn’t want to go an electronic music festival with me through Youtube!? I think this will be an awesome time!

The Hat Logic - The Most-Deafening, and Epic Labor Day Weekend Ever

If you haven’t seen the Historic Fourth Ward of Atlanta, it’s a sight to see!! Imagine takes place over the 17 acres of pure park and turns it into an amazing location for a weekend of fun. If you’re in Atlanta that weekend, I say pay the $129 and get access to the 3 stages, yoga, free water, the Imagine Visionary Arts Village, Poi and Flow Art Classes, and sooo much more!!! You can buy your tickets here and let me know if you’ll be there! I promise if you go that you won’t be disappointed. Everything from the dancers, the performers, and the lights blew my mind last year and now I’ve got a bit more photography skill under my belt so my photos will be 10x better than last year. I can’t wait for August to come so stay tuned for more!! x


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