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Getting back into the swing of things is always hard especially after being away for a long time or starting a new job. Well I did both and if it wasn’t for me being so organized, you wouldn’t be reading 4-5 posts a week and watching 2 Youtube videos a week! It’s insane, but organization is key to everything in the blogging business. I love what I do and being around for the past 3 years has taught me a lot of things about myself and the industry. Learning isn’t just something that you do in school, and I’ve learned a lot, especially when it comes to getting back into a routine. The Hat Logic - Why Organization is Key The Hat Logic - Why Organization is Key Organize your life people. From personal experience, I’ve learned that organization is the key to everything. If I am at camp and find even the smallest time for a break, i make the most of my time and plan out my life. Whether that means carrying a planner around with me or just taking notes on random slips of paper so I keep my thoughts in order, I have to have organization in everything I do.

The Hat Logic - Why Organization is Key

Most people who know me know that I was never the organized person. I always the person who ran out of the room at the very last minute, tossing papers in my bag as I go. College was definitely a wake up call for me because I realized that without organization and planning, I was going to lose my mind! The blog is an incredibly important aspect of my life, just as my schoolwork is. I found a balance between the two aspects of my life and the only way to find that perfect, productive balance is to plan. Now that I’ve learned how to plan, I’m ready to take on the summer and take on the next part of my life.

The Hat Logic - Why Organization is Key

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The Hat Logic - Why Organization is Key


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