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Finally on Youtube

I’m going on a trip soon!! Its 3 weeks to France, and I’m incredibly excited to be going on Monday!! I’m taking tons of pictures this week in order to have content posted, and as well as that, I’m going to be uploading videos onto my Youtube channel!!

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So earlier this week, I received my first Vox Box from Influenster!! This big brown box was a great thing to see, and I found it hard to hold myself back from opening this and taking pictures as I opened it!

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Life // Firsts for Me: Fashion’s Distinction

If you read my weekend preview last Friday, you would have seen that this weekend (or rather last weekend), I attended Fashion’s Distinction, a new event held in Atlanta. I found the event on Eventbrite, (which has by the way become my go to for finding ANYTHING in this city…..its so hard to find things here, and there it is all in one!) and I signed up immediately. All of the boring details that lead up to me going you can find here, so now’s onto all of the good stuff…..THE ACTUAL EVENT!!! Yay!

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