Beauty // Vibrance Vitamins

So as introduced earlier this week, I have a new segment on the blog! This time it’s beauty!! So many people, like me, want long, strong hair, but it just doesn’t happen..sad I know. I’m apart of Brand Backer, an awesome site where bloggers can connect with brands and work with them, and I came across these fabulous vitamins for designed to help your hair! They called Vibrance Vitamins, and they are great though.

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Life // The Liebster Award!!!

So a few days ago I woke up to a lovely comment on my blog saying that I was nominated for a Liebster Award. I’ve been seeing these going around for a few months, and I’ve always been wondering, “Well how do you get nominated??” and the lovely Briana from Sequin Gowns and Mermaid Crowns nominated me for one (Big love and thank you so much for this đŸ™‚ !!)

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