Settling in for the Night at the Qbic London City

The Shoreditch/Aldgate Area is one of my favorite places to stay in London.  I love the vibe and style of the area, plus it is filled to the brim with so much amazing food! When I visited London this last time, I stayed at the Qbic London City Hotel which is in a prime location! It’s a 3 minute walk to one of the Aldgate East station openings and I was blown away by the hotel! Settling in for the Night at the Qbic London City

The Qbic London City Hotel is quirkier than most hotels that you will ever find in London. It has a different vibe from most of the hotels that I’ve ever stayed at in the city, but nevertheless, it still got the job done! I was able to check in by myself using their self-checkin tablets that got me into my room within a few minutes. The staff flitted around between the restaurant and the check-in area, making sure that everyone got what they needed. I got a quick run down of what was in store, but ultimately, headed up to check it out myself!

Settling in for the Night at the Qbic London City

Stepping into the room, I had to reorient myself because the Qbic London City Hotel does hotel rooms WAY differently from other rooms. The main space is taken up in the middle, where the box is where you will find the bed and bathroom area! There’s a ton of space on the sides of the room, which makes it seem huge! The entire room has a very industrial minimalist feel, where you will see piping and tubing used to create the makeup of the room, but also providing functional aspects! I really thought it was cool how they made use of typically overlooked aspects of construction, but used them to create the rooms.

Settling in for the Night at the Qbic London City

Now the bathroom is epic. I actually loved the setup, all enclosed in a box structure that stood behind the bed. The hotel has made great strides into making an ecologically friendly hotel, so the cubes are set up with Shower Gels and Shampoos that give a friendly reminder to turn off the water when using them, but they also have no chemicals in them, so they’re better for the environment! The entire setup of the bed and cube can be put up in about 2 hours, which is great for the hotel because they can switch out furniture without having to demolish the entire room!

Settling in for the Night at the Qbic London City Settling in for the Night at the Qbic London City

So these rooms at the Qbic has everything you would need for a few days stay in London. There are plenty of plugs, right next to the bed so you don’t have to go far to find a place to charge your phone. The Qbic even provides you with a phone (which came in handy when my iPhone decided to implode mid update and left me stranded in London without a phone) called the Handy. There’s a nice TV right in front of the bed which is where I became obsessed with Love Island and it’s an overall comfy bed! It’s so soft and the sheets are just as soft to the touch, so it’s a great place to crash after a busy day in the city!

Settling in for the Night at the Qbic London City

Overall, I had a really nice time in London with Qbic! It was a really cool hotel and I really suggest it for a great place to stay in the city!Settling in for the Night at the Qbic London City

Special thanks to the Qbic London City Hotel for welcoming me into the hotel, I really appreciate it! All opinions presented in this post are mine and mine alone and they are truthful!



  1. August 10, 2017 / 4:43 pm

    This looks awesome!! Got tell people about this hotel when they come over to visit. Never heard about it before!

    Kara x

    • August 18, 2017 / 5:56 pm

      Honestly a great hotel! Quirky, but fun and comfy!

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