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The summer is finally coming to a close…Can you hear me crying deep down? Well I’m putting away my tears to show you all an outfit I’ve had waiting since my May trip to London! I have loved everything that comes with this look since I got it from the Topshop event that I helped host with Mae Nunez of Mae Amor. I’ve been holding onto this bomber since then and I love wearing it!

It’s much too hot to wear it in Atlanta right now, but as soon as it cools down here, it will be all over my social media! Now enough of my rambling, let’s see the look!

The Hat Logic - A Shiny Bomber & Lace Up V Necks The Hat Logic - A Shiny Bomber & Lace Up V Necks

Topshop Rust MA1 Rose Gold Bomber || Topshop Lace Up Deep V Dress || Office Leather Ankle Booties || ASOS Fedora with Chain Detail (similar)The Hat Logic - A Shiny Bomber & Lace Up V Necks

One of the things that I love about London is the fact that I can wear this long sleeve dress with a bomber in the middle of May and be comfortable! In Atlanta, I would be ROASTING, so I stick to shorts and tees. This bomber has been such a dream and is perfect for the bomber trend.

I love the shine of the fabric because it doesn’t reflect too much, but it is still a gorgeous piece. The Hat Logic - Shiny Bombers & Lace Up V Necks For simplicity, I paired it with all black, mostly because I didn’t want to take away from the beauty of the bomber. When I dress, I like to have one central piece that I work with and this time, it was the bomber. These ankle booties are beautiful and perfect to walk around in, as I believe I have said many times before!

The slight ribbing of the dress provides a cool texture and I didn’t realize that technically, I was wearing it backwards! The dress is basically reversible and it depends on personal preference on if you want the boobs or your back on show!  The Hat Logic - A Shiny Bomber & Lace Up V Necks These photos were taken by Victoria Metaxas of Aurora Stories while I was in London.   The Hat Logic - A Shiny Bomber & Lace Up V Necks The Hat Logic - A Shiny Bomber & Lace Up V Necks

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