Spring/Summer Lookbook 2015 With Wear All

 It’s almost summer (well it’s officially spring) and I know everyone’s excited to ditch the fur lined boots and thick winter jackets!! I thought I’d give some advice on what to check out this spring/summer from a new store I found called Wear All!

The Hat Logic - Spring/Summer Lookbook 2015 With Wear AllRow 1: Tee | Dress | Crop Top | Dress | Jumpsuit

Row 2:  Pants | Jeans | Dress | Dress | Kimono

So I’m going to split this up in 4 categories: tops, bottoms (with jumpsuits included), dresses, and outerwear! It’ll be easier to keep up with AND  the post won’t get out of hand long. So let’s get started!

First up, tops. Tees are essential and for me, the rise of the graphic tee has been much appreciated. I love a good black tee with a print on it, and the one above from Wear All is so cool, yet simple. With a simple pair of skinny jeans, it’s a great staple for SS15. Crop tops are another staple that people are wearing a lot now and the one from Wear All has the knot trend as well as the lace detailing. This top is a great trend piece that can be very helpful and versatile as the seasons change!

Next, bottoms. Jumpsuits are one of my staples without a doubt and with my quest to expand my wardrobe’s colour spectrum now, the one above is spectacular! I can see myself wearing it all day on a nice day in Atlanta or while shopping this spring! Treggings are a newer version of leggings and I actually love them. They fit well, but they are actually trousers so I can wear them without having to wear a tunic-esque top over them. I like the ones above because of the houndstooth print so keep your eyes peeled! Jeans are fabulous. I’ve got 3 pairs of ripped jeans just like these above and with more and more vintage stores opening in Atlanta, I’m probably going to be the owner of more by the end of this season!

Dresses are great and the ones above can be tailored for any person’s style! Strappy slip dresses like the tartan dress are a cute and simple way to beat the heat this summer and they are good for someone with a small cup size like me. Tux dresses are coming to power now and I actually like them a lot! The dress above reminds me of a Topshop jacket that I saw in store a while ago and I love how this is in dress form. I can definitely see myself wearing this on a night out with friends or to a dinner with my family! This black dress is a stunner. It’s a midi dress, but the flare and body con make it a killer!! Night’s out, prom, fancy events, anything. Slip this bandeau flare dress on and show off your body!! This dress is beautiful and it reminds me of my prom dress (you’ll see soon!!). The last dress is a bell sleeve dress and it’s stunning. I’ve got a darker version, but I like the light coloured flowers and the entire pattern is just beautiful. Pattern mixing is such a cool detail in this dress and it’s something that I like to do over my summer!

Last but not least outerwear. Outerwear is tricky because with one false move, you can be sweating bullets instead of looking chic and sophisticated, but still feeling cool. My vote for outerwear, as seen above, is the kimono. Kimonos are most often lightweight, either crochet, or some other sheer fabric and allow for the air to waft in and out, keeping you cool. The one from Wear All is crochet, which is nice and simple, but also gives that boho look that everyone is killing for this season!!

Well that’s my lookbook, I hope you all enjoyed it and let me know what’s in your spring/summer lookbook so I can compare!! x


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