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When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a ballerina. I’m pretty sure most girls around 3 go through that phase and I didn’t miss that one at all. I used to dance just about every day when I was little, whether it was ballet, jazz, or tap! It’s always been an amazing part of my life and stuck with me as I got older. Dance helps me refocus and with this outfit, I’m really channeling the dancer vibes with this tulle skirt! Needle & Thread is always known for their use of tulle in their STUNNING creations and this simple skirt is no different!

The Hat Logic -Pretty in Stripes & Tulle

The Hat Logic -Pretty in Stripes & Tulle

Forever 21 Striped Print Blouse (similar) // Needle & Thread Tulle Skirt in Black // Steve Madden Marlene Heels (similar)

The Hat Logic -Pretty in Stripes & Tulle

One of my favourite things about this skirt is how it moves in the wind. As you can see, I had a lot of fun messsing around with this skirt and I loved the entire movement of the skirt. I was reminded of the tulle scratching my legs as a child and I remembered why I bought the skirt. Pairing it with something as simple as a striped shirt is an easy way to look sophisticated, but also incredibly put together all at once. This is the second look in my striped shirt series and the first one was more of a casual look rather than elegant like this one. In my opinion, I can’t find anything that doesn’t go well with a striped shirt and I feel like this one strikes the perfect balance between dressy and casual, one of the main qualities that I love about it. This outfit is the perfect date night outfit that you can slap together quickly without looking like it was a 10 minute turnaround! Every girl at some point probably wanted to feel pretty or be a ballerina. Who said those days had to end? I wear tulle skirts so I can still feel that now, even at 19!The Hat Logic -Pretty in Stripes & Tulle The Hat Logic -Pretty in Stripes & Tulle

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