Tech Tuesday : Canon Rebel T3i

My camera…my camera is like my baby. Plain and clearly stated, it’s my everything.  I use it for everything I do here as well as outside of my blog, including taking concert pictures and other things.

Tech Tuesday : Canon Rebel T3i

Tech Tuesday : Canon Rebel T3i Tech Tuesday : Canon Rebel T3i

Camera – Canon Rebel T3i 

I love my cameras and I’ve been a Canon girl since the start. I began taking pictures on a little point-and-shoot, then my parents’ DSLR, then I got my own and I haven’t stopped taking pictures since I first put the SD card in! I got this as a gift last summer and it’s my everything. It shoots amazing pictures for a camera of its size and it’s super easy to use. I’ve learned a lot through using this camera and through its use, my blog pictures have gotten better quality-wise and I’ve also been able to take better pictures. There isn’t much more I can ask for in a camera, so this one is definitely a keeper!


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  1. desola mako
    April 29, 2015 / 8:36 am

    here as promised. i’m hoping for a more comprehensive review soon. thanks for sharing though.x

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