The Big 18

So today’s the day. The day I turn 18. February 23rd, 1997 at San Diego Naval Hospital, I was born!! How freakin awesome is that? Well this post isn’t just a “WOW, you made it to 18, congrats to me!!”, but it’s also about 18 things that I’ve learned since I arrived on this lovely green and blue planet we call Earth!

The Style Selections - The Big 18

Balloon – Knot & Box | Jacket – Forever 21 | Dress – H&M 

So first off, I’d like to say THANK YOU to Knot & Bow and The Flair Exchange for making my lovely birthday balloons!! The Gold & Silver one that you see above is from Knot & Bow and you’ll see pictures of my ones from The Flair Exchange below, and all three on my Instagram/Twitter feeds!! The balloons are stunning and really fun to have around the house!!

I’ve always had birthdays but this is the first year that I haven’t done something elaborate or out of the park. Now there will DEFINITELY be some sort of celebration with my friends/family, but nothing extraordinary. 16 was the year to go all out and 21 will be also. 18 is more of a year to relax and just take some time to chill, which is all I want to do right now. I like sharing little pieces of my life with you all because it’s nice to have someone to share these things with.

Now on a more serious note, here’s my list of 18 things I’ve learned over the last 18 years. I hope some of them are insightful and that they make you think about your life and what you want.

1. Do what you love because only then will you find true happiness.

2. School is a pain, but you have to keep going no matter what tough times come.

3. When people try and talk you down or out of what you love, brush them off. They aren’t worth your tears.

4. Love yourself and your body. You only have 1 so care for it.

5. Take care of your mind because you only have 1. Even if it means taking a day or two off of work/school, do it.

6. Find your true friends. Those people who make you laugh when you’re having an awful day. Those people are the ones who will help make you happy and will improve your mood when you’re around them.

7. Let go of the petty things. They will drag you down.

8. Laugh. At least once a day. Even if it’s not about something truly funny, still laugh.

9. Set goals. Even if you don’t complete all of them, the little steps that you do to try and complete them will give you some sort of feeling of accomplishment.

10. Write down the important things. You don’t have to keep a diary (I know I don’t…always wanted to, but always wrote like 2 pages then forgot), but writing down the small things gives you something to look back on.

11. When life kicks you in the butt, you gotta get back up…no matter how many times you have to try, just get back up.

12. Not everyone’s gonna like you, whether they have a reason or not. But if they don’t like you, their loss.

13. Love your style. It makes you an individual. You can follow trends, but always stay true to that person in you.

14. Money isn’t everything. Sometimes you’ll have money, sometimes you won’t. But make the most of what you’ve got. There’s a limited supply in the world!!

15. ALWAYS celebrate your little triumphs. Met your favourite girlband? Go get a doughnut. Get a new job? Buy yourself some new perfume. Whatever it is, big or small, celebrate the heck out of it.

16. If you don’t like it, don’t think that you have to do it to please someone. Now this isn’t talking about school, because THAT is mandatory (sorry kiddos), but it’s talking about everything else. Don’t like dancing but your sister’s a pro ballerina, you DON’T HAVE TO DANCE!!

17. You’re good enough. A bit of a Little Mix lyric here, but still. No matter what anyone says, you’re good enough for whatever you want to be.

18. Be true to you. There’s been a lot of times in the last 18 years when people have tried to make me feel bad about what I like, but I know that I like that stuff for a reason and that reason only has to matter to me. As long as it’s not harmful to ME or someone else around me and it makes ME happy, I’m gonna go for it.

So yes, this is my birthday post!! I hope you’ve enjoyed, there’s a video coming out this week along with another post for my BALLOONS because I love them just that much!! I hope you all have a lovely February 23rd and a lovely week!! xx


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