Why I Always Buy Myself Flowers

Flowers. Typically associated with some sort of accomplishment or as a token of love, right? I can remember when I was younger getting bouquets after bouquets of flowers after managing to stay upright and on-beat during a 7-year-old ballet recital. I’ve always known that flowers mean something special, but why is it that I can’t buy flowers for myself? Well, guess what? I can, and I do….all the time.

The Hat Logic - Why I Always Buy Myself Flowers

Now don’t get me wrong, the majority of the time, I’m using these flowers for some purpose, most likely some sort of flatly or photo. But why do I buy them and then normally keep them for longer than is expected? I keep my flowers just to remind myself why I care about myself, to have something beautiful to look at and to remind myself to take the beautiful outlook on life. 

The Hat Logic - Why I Always Buy Myself FlowersThe Hat Logic - Why I Always Buy Myself Flowers

That first reason sounds superficial and self-absorbed, but when you spent years doubting yourself and your capabilities, you gotta remind yourself why you rock every so often. I have done a lot of stupid things in my life and things I’m not always proud of and I know there will be so many more than this. Buying flowers reminds me that at the end of the day, I need to take care of myself because I have to live with me more than anyone else in this world ever will have. Unless people are taken over by aliens in pure Body-Snatcher style. I have to tell myself that loving myself is one of the key things that I can’t do without because if I don’t love myself, there’s no way I can succeed in ways that don’t just revolve around money. Success for me is not just money, but also looking at how mentally, emotionally, and physically successful I am as well. All of those pieces are incredibly important when looking at success, which ties into my reasoning behind why I gotta love myself.

The Hat Logic - Why I Always Buy Myself Flowers


The Hat Logic - Why I Always Buy Myself Flowers

My second reason….it’s true, I really do just love to look at them. If you bought yourself a bouquet of roses and put them in a beautiful crystal vase, you’re telling me you wouldn’t put them on display for the whole world to see purely because of how beautiful they were? You would and if you say anything else, you’re lying to me and to yourself. Flowers really are beautiful and in most cases, remind you of all of the beautiful things in life, especially when those things aren’t cheap….at all (Come on, $20 for a bunch of roses?The Hat Logic - Why I Always Buy Myself Flowers

Lastly, let’s talk about the last point. To me, flowers remind me to take the beautiful outlook on life. This also goes with taking the high road and looking at the things in life that should make me happy. I was recently in Paris and one of the first things I did was go to the nearest flower shop (which lucky me happened to be across the street) and buy a bunch of roses and tulips. I did this because I needed something to remind me of how far I’ve come to get to Paris Fashion Week. I’ve been to the city many times, but never for something that involves blogging, photography, or my career. As this was a first, I wanted to honor that moment with something beautiful to remind me of how beautiful life can be. Taking a positive attitude has opened so many doors for me that I would not have had or been able to even come near to unless I had been positive. By taking this positivity and putting it into something real, I’ve enabled myself to look at certain situations and create the outcome that I truly want, which is a hard thing to do. Flowers act as the embodiment of this positivity and when I buy flowers for myself, I remind myself of what positivity can mean and why it is so important to have.

The Hat Logic - Why I Always Buy Myself Flowers

There are so many other reasons why I buy myself flowers. Trust me if I were to go into every other aspect of the list, it would be never ending. I truly love flowers, but for me, there’s such a deeper meaning than just going and buying something pretty. I buy flowers to make myself happy and even if there may be someone in the future who can buy flowers for me, I want to buy them for myself as well so I can keep up these 3 reasons and just have something beautiful for myself.

The Hat Logic - Why I Always Buy Myself Flowers


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