Why I Fell for Bath

I don’t fall in love with cities lightly, just like I don’t fall in love with people lightly. When it comes down to it, I’m actually very picky when it comes to places I love. I like Paris, but I don’t love it. I like Atlanta, but I don’t love it. But I love London, and I have no clue why. In addition to the capital city of England, I also love Bath, a smaller city to the West of London. I fell for Bath and was only there for two days, but I also fell hard for this beautiful city. It was a welcome break from the business of the cities I normally visit, but it also felt like a place I would love to live when I get older and settle down.

The Hat Logic - Why I Fell for Bath

So the big question is, why on Earth did I fall for Bath? I’m a city girl at heart, so it’d be strange for me to love such a small place, but I think that’s why I loved it so much. In such a small place, I was able to get my bearings remarkably quick and I was honestly surprised at just how small Bath truly was. I went on a run on the morning I left and I found that I could do a loop around the entire city in about 10-15 minutes at a decent pace. Bath is full of charms and history, so it feels like an old city, but it is an amazing place that will take your breath away.The Hat Logic - Why I Fell for Bath

After spending 3 weeks in Rome, I knew I needed a break, so I wanted to go someplace new before venturing to London like I always do. I’ve heard amazing things about Bath, so it felt like a call to me when I was looking into places that I should visit outside of London. The history in Bath and how it seemed like a quiet place was something I was really looking for in terms of a place to visit and in all honesty, I was not let down in the slightest. Bath truly is a special place for so many reasons and I know I didn’t get to experience all of it in full as much as I would have liked. I got to walk around for a couple days and just explore and it was well worth it! Being able to casually go from a park to a vintage maps store was epic and a part of what I loved about Bath! There was something new around each and every corner and I was never shy of walking opportunities!The Hat Logic - Why I Fell for Bath

At each turn, I was able to find connections to the major cities like Rome and London, so it kept me grounded, but I was also able to breathe for a minute. Life has been so busy and nonstop lately that I have not been able to even remember who I truly am and I got to do that for a few days. I worked on my schedule and was able to do things my way, regaining the control of my life that I knew would be whisked into thin air once I returned home. While the air is definitely fresher in Bath, it was truly a breath of fresh air that I needed to remember why I write and why I love creating content. When you fall out of love with your passion or think you may be, it is necessary to just take a few moments and remember why you started, but also everything you started off wanting. If you never accomplished all of it, why not? What could have been done differently? I had to ask that to myself and I needed to spend some time in Bath to clear my head because I never get the time to myself to think like I should, but I also never make the time to think. There’s been something missing for me for the past few months, but I’m slowly figuring out what’s been wrong this entire time.The Hat Logic - Why I Fell for Bath

These past few months have been so nonstop because I have been constantly running from my problems and fears, so being at home was not the place I needed to be, even for just a moment.  Being in Bath acted as a reminder of who I truly am, someone who likes to hike, but will complain about it the entire time. Someone who loves to travel, but also take time to get to know the culture of where I am. Someone who loves blogging and speaking with you all, but it so afraid of failing that it doesn’t let me grow to my potential. Someone who would rather not post at all than post something that I haven’t had time to properly edit and create because I love my work so much and I want to be proud of it. I’ve taken the past few weeks after this little time in Bath and I’m so glad I did this. I’ve been allowed to refocus and remember who I am and why I do this, so I’m more motivated than ever to continue doing what I love.The Hat Logic - Why I Fell for Bath

So to the city of Bath, thank you. Thank you for reminding me of who I am and making me proud to be myself every day. I will definitely be back to Bath one day for a longer stay because I don’t get this feeling most places in the entire world and I would love to come back to such an amazing city and spend some more time there.

The Hat Logic - Why I Fell for Bath

This post was created in conjunction with Bath Tourism, who kindly provided a media pass to explore the city during my trip! I loved my time in Bath and these are my thoughts and ideas with no outside interference.


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