My Little Fit Life + Winter Fitness Motivation

Hello everyone!! Welcome back to another week of vlogs, blogs, and fitness!! I’m so surprised that I’ve managed to keep up with my fitness routine and that it’s almost done! If you haven’t already, you can head to my Youtube channel and check out the latest of my videos following my fitness journey!! So a question I frequently get is how do I stay motivated in the winter time!! Well it is not easy at all, but I’ve got 8 quick tips to help you get through your workouts in the winter.

The Hat Logic - My Little Fit Life + Winter Fitness Motivation

  1. The cold is actually the perfect time to run or workout! When I work out in the summer, I feel as if I sweat a lot more and get more tired a lot easier than in the winter. I can’t feel myself sweating more and I feel like I run more.
  3. You’ll feel worse after the holidays if you don’t work out. I always hear, “oh I wish I’d gone for a run or worked out”, after Thanksgiving/Christmas. If you workout before, during, and after, you can avoid saying that during the holidays.
  4. Your body naturally wants to sit inside during these times, but you need to do what’s best for your long term health.
  5. Working out in the winter gives you time to work out and test out new workouts before you perfect your new spring/summer routine.
  6. If you’re cold, run faster! Running will make you feel better and warm up.
  7. The winter let’s you try something new, inside and outside. Whether that’s taking a new route on your run or staying inside and trying out a new machine in the gym, try new things!!
  8. You can find some new things out about yourself and what your body can and cannot take during the winter. I’ve found out how much I can push myself in the winter, and you can too!

What do you think??! They aren’t hard to maintain and I just wanted to quickly share because they really do help me get through it!

This week was slow…I’m going to be honest with you and just let you know!! Loads of issues because my life is full of them, but managed to pop out a 15 minute video out of it! This is more of a day/week in the life, but it’s boss nonetheless!! Here’s to another week!


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